SHS installation
Powering Remote
SHS @ Jumla
Installation of 4.8 Kilowatt Solar System
Overseer Pitambar Acharya in Installation of 4.8 kilowatt system
लोड सेडिंग मुक्ति अभियानमा कालिगण्डकी सोलार  ओभरसीयर दिपक आचार्य  सयपत्री सहकारी  संगै

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Kaligandaki Solar & Electronics Company Pvt. Ltd. is solar electric manufacturing company and dedicating to the people of the Nepal, focusing extreme rural people of Nepal where people do not have access of energy, since the date of its establishment. Company always has maintained its reputation to the high standard.Solar energy is one of the important and simplest technological achievements of science in 21st century. It is much helpful to the rural communities of our non developing Nation via Solar Home System (SHS) and Small Solar Home System (SSHS)

 Kaligandaki Solar & Electronics Company Pvt. Ltd. established at the date of 25 Oct 2010.This company is registered at Registrar office, Tripureshwor Kathmandu, with registration number 77122/067/068. And at TAX office, Kathmandu, with PAN number 304479715. Kaligandaki Solar & Electronics Company Pvt. member company of Solar Electric Manufacturing Association Nepal (SEMAN), and is maintaining its reputation to high standard by providing accountable & high standard services in the field of energy business, survey, design & import in according to the research results of Nepal’s Geographical, Social& economic status.

Kaligandaki Solar & Electronics Company Pvt. Ltd. only sales the only product certified by Renewable Energy Test Station RETS.