Solar Home System

Solar Home System (SHS)/Small Solar Home System(SSHS)

Kaligandaki Solar & Electronics Company Pvt. Ltd. is solar electric manufacturing company and dedicating to the people of the Nepal, focusing extreme rural people of Nepal where people do not have access of energy, since the date of its establishment. Company always has maintained its reputation to the high standard.

Solar energy is one of the important and simplest technological achievements of science in 21st century. It is much helpful to the rural communities of our non developing Nation via Solar Home System (SHS) and Small Solar Home System (SSHS).*Price List for Limited period of Urja Saptha 2069 only.

Small Solar Home system:

  1. One light system: NRS 2800/-
  2. Two light System: Nrs 4500/-

Solar Home Systems:

  1. 10 Watts, 3 bulb system: Nrs 7500 (Portable)
  2. 10 Watts,3 bulb system Nrs 8000 (Fixed)
  3. 20 Watts, 4 bulb system: Nrs 14,000
  4. 40 Watts, 6 bulb system: Nrs 21,000
  5. 60 Watts, 8 Bulb system: Nrs 27,500
  6. 80 Watts,12 Bulb System: Nrs 38000
  7. 80 Watts,10 Bulb+Laptop Charger System (Inverter)-42500
  8. Others can be designed upon customer’s request